‘Sinister’: Young girl bribed for sex for three years



A ROCKHAMPTON girl was subjected to fortnightly unprotected sex for three years, when she was aged 11-14, after being preyed upon by her uncle at age 10.

The uncle, 46, was sentenced in Rockhampton District Court this week after pleading guilty to maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, two counts of indecent treatment of a child and two of carnal knowledge.

The offences date back to June 2015 with the offending coming to an end when police intervened in May 2020.

Crown prosecutor Tiffany Lawrence said the victim was 10 when her uncle starting inappropriately touching her and 14 when the offending concluded.

She said the defendant had been in a relationship with the girl's aunt when the offending start, but the relationship had broken down before the offending concluded.

Ms Lawrence said the uncle first touched the girl's breasts while they were watching a movie and he placed his arm around the girl before grabbing her breast.

She said the second time he touched her, they were lying on a mattress on the floor watching movies and he reached up under her shirt.

Ms Lawrence said the victim told police the defendant would refer to such instances as their "special cuddles".

She said the sex incidents started after the defendant moved out of the aunt's place and into his own.

"She (child) was unaware what was going on was sexual intercourse until she participated in sex education at school," Ms Lawrence said.

"The defendant told her not to tell anyone."

She said he came up with excuses for the girl to be at his house, including cleaning, and bribed the girl with money, gifts and computer games.

Ms Lawrence said the victim's brother initially attended the defendant's house with the victim, but the defendant found a way to have them attend at separate times.

She said the victim's grandmother spoke with the victim's mother about the amount of time the victim was spending at the defendant's house and it was after this, messages were located that indicated what really had been going on during those visits.

Defence lawyer Ross Lo Monaco said his client had four children from two earlier relationships and had been in contact with one up until he was incarcerated.

The man had no prior criminal record.

Judge William Everson said the man's offending was "reasonably sophisticated", using code words to put family members off course.

He said there was a "sinister element" where the defendant was owed money by family members and treated her sexual activity as paying off that debt.

"You were a paedophile (undiagnosed) who preyed on a young girl," Judge Everson said.

"You used her for your sexual gratification."

Paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder where someone is sexually attracted to children and there was no evidence put to the court that the defendant had been diagnosed with this disorder.

Judge Everson ordered the defendant to nine years prison, declared 164 days presentence custody with parole on May 22, 2023.



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