JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Sarino Russo manager Melissa Latter is positive about Bundy's prospects.
JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Sarino Russo manager Melissa Latter is positive about Bundy's prospects. Mike Knott BUN170519SAR1

Sign of jobs boom for Bundy

ONLINE job search website Seek shows an increase in job opportunities in Bundaberg within the last year, and these opportunities are confirmed by the Bundaberg manager of Sarina Russo Job Access.

Manager Melissa Latter said there was a job growth for construction projects in the area in the next 18 months, and a promising sign that local businesses were investing in more staff.

This included the opening of an RV Park, the marina precinct at Burnett Heads, and the Esplanade Jewel development in Bargara.

"The next 12 to 18 months are going to be positive for growth in Bundaberg,” Ms Latter said.

"Businesses are beginning to re-boom in Bundaberg and it's fantastic.”

Seek has noticed a recent drop in its advertisements in Queensland, but in regards to Bundaberg in the last year it increased by more than 10 per cent.

However, the spike in opportunities came at the end of last year, and advertisements appear to have dropped so far this year.

The strongest advertisement growth in Bundaberg came from the insurance and superannuation, which had doubled.

Healthcare and medical advertisements were worth the most to Seek locally but the sector's growth had been 21 per cent.

Despite a recent drop in Seek advertisements locally it did not mean there were less jobs offered in Bundaberg.

Ms Latter said businesses had broadened their advertisements to social media platforms and groups, and through connections with job and disability providers.

"Keep your eyes peeled on all the just need to have your ears to the ground,” Ms Latter said.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate in the Wide Bay region was at the lowest it has been in six years, but was still 2.6 per cent higher than the national average.

Youth unemployment in the region was at 17.8 per cent, having dropped two per cent in two months, but the Sarina Russo manager said there were opportunities for Bundaberg's youth.

"The thing with youth is they get disheartened quicker, that's one of the trends,” she said.

"They just have to keep trying, and find out what thing is stopping them and working on that.”

This week Seek released its figures showing that its job advertisements decreased in Queensland by 8.6 per cent in a year.

However, the average salary in Queensland advertised on Seek increased by 4.6 per cent.