TOWELLING: Terry Pullen, 20, of Redbank Plains was located in the shower after a police pursuit.
TOWELLING: Terry Pullen, 20, of Redbank Plains was located in the shower after a police pursuit. Contributed

Showering thief surprised by cops knock at door

A POLICE pursuit ended when officers grabbed the dangerous driver in the shower, an Ipswich Court heard.

The 20-year-old driver Terry Pullen was apparently 'surprised' when police knocked vigorously on his bathroom door, telling him to surrender after he earlier fled on foot from officers.

Pullen, from Redbank Plains, appeared in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to two counts of dangerous driving on April 11 with a previous conviction; failing to stop; driving when disqualified by court order; and obstructing police.

A worried magistrate told Pullen he was either very stupid, or enjoyed living in prison.

Prosecutor Sergeant Bernard Elmore said Pullen had a growing criminal history.

Sgt Elmore said Pullen had been sentenced to six months jail after being convicted of dangerous driving on December 8, 2018.

In that crime Polair tracked Pullen's car to bushland on Collingwood Drive after police deployed stingers.

All four tyres were punctured but Pullen continued to drive on the rims.

Sgt Elmore said Pullen was swerving violently, mounting footpaths, and forcing other drivers to take evasive action.

Pullen was granted parole for the offence but was back in trouble within weeks.

For his latest offences police sought a jail term of six to nine months, to be added to his earlier sentence, which Pullen was now serving behind bars.

Pullen was spotted driving a silver Commodore on April 11 at Redbank Plains and despite police using flashing lights and sirens he accelerated away.

He failed to give way to other drivers and kept cutting off other drivers as he changed lanes. Pullen later ran from his car and was seen to jump several fences.

When police dropped in at his home they could hear water running in the shower but he failed to answer the door.

Five minutes later, he unlocked the bathroom door and feigned surprise to see police in the house.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Pullen did not have a good explanation for his conduct, but it was likely a case of "youthful stupidity, showing off to a degree".

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess asked whether Pullen had ever held a licence.

When told he had not, Ms Sturgess said he would now have "the loss of the right to drive" as being a better way to express it.

Ms Sturgess said the court dealt with Pullen in March for his December offences, and sentenced him for unlawful use, dangerous operation, and being a driver who never held a licence.

He was given parole release after already spending three months in custody.

But within a month committed very similar offences although he'd not been in a stolen vehicle.

"It is very sad to see a young man of 20 being locked up. At that age you should be working and enjoying the best years of your life, not being in a prison," Ms Sturgess said.

"You lasted less than a month on parole. Either you are a very stupid person Mr Pullen or you enjoy living in prison. I assume it is stupidity and not the fact that you love prison life."

Ms Sturgess said Pullen now had three convictions for dangerous driving in circumstances where he had never held a licence.

She said his manner of driving had been a danger to other people.

"The public will be grateful that you are off the street longer and not driving in a dangerous fashion and putting their lives at risk," she said.

Pullen was convicted and sentenced to two concurrent jail terms of nine months, he was also disqualified twice for 12 months each, and for three months. The jail term was added to his existing sentence and begins on August 4.

Pullen can begin to apply for parole from July 20.