Shopping centre faces retailer exodus as leases come up

INDOOROOPILLY Shopping Centre could face a mass exit of retailers after more than 30 businesses walked away from the centre in the past eight months.

The centre has been battling a retailer revolt after more than 110 store owners and managers joined a move to oust centre management in 2016 in an effort to fix the centre's parking woes and encourage shoppers to return to the problem-plagued area.

Now a former retail employee who worked in the centre has told The Courier-Mail that centre management will have new fires to put out as many retailers' three-year leases come up for renewal over the next six months.

"You'll start to see a lot of retailers not re-signing their leases or negotiating better agreements, some have already started to filter out," the employee, who spoke to The Courier-Mail on the condition of anonymity, said.

Several big name retailers including Ella Bache, French Twist, Sublime Hairdressing and Argyle Jewellers have exited the precinct, analysis of the centre's store directory over the past year shows.

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