Shooting accused yet to meet bail conditions

A GOLD Coast mother-of-three charged over a shooting incident at a Brisbane car yard is yet to satisfy strict bail conditions for her release.

Moriah Rose Kingston, 25, appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court charged with attempting to strike a woman with a projectile and going armed in public so as to cause her fear.

The charges relate to an incident at an Archerfield car yard on June 18.

The alleged victim is Dian Tri Wahyuning Tyas.

Magistrate Tina Privitera said it was "clearly a very serious affair" with the discharge of a firearm on a number of occasions by another person.

Ms Privitera said Kingston, a cosmetic tattooist on a single parent pension, had been in close contact with the alleged shooter.

She said police alleged Kingston was actively involved with the motor vehicle used for the June 18 offence.


A Facebook image of Moriah Rose Kingston
A Facebook image of Moriah Rose Kingston


Kingston's DNA was found in the vehicle and her phone was triangulated as having been at the location and time of the alleged offence, she said.

Kingston's co-accused Martin Adam Vega, 31, who is facing the same charges, as well as charges of breaching previous bail conditions, did not apply for bail today.

Kingston and Vega had been extradited from NSW to face the charges.

Kingston's father, who has worked for Corrective Services in NSW, offered to pay $20,000 surety.

But Ms Privitera asked for a $30,000 surety as part of a series of strict bail conditions she set before Kingston could be released.

Kingston had to report three times a week, not go near her co-accused, the complainant or Crown witnesses or within 1km of an international departure point.

Kingston told the magistrate she did not have a current passport.

Ms Privitera said police had to check if Kingston had a passport, and if she did, she was not to be released.

"If your check reveals she has a current passport, she stays in custody," Ms Privitera said.

Court documents late this afternoon revealed checks with Australian Federal Police showed Kingston did have an active passport and bail was not entered into.

Ms Privitera also asked police to check if anyone of concern to police was living at Kingston's Coomera address.

If the address was not acceptable, Kingston was not to get out, the magistrate said.

Kingston's lawyer Corey Cullen said she had been visiting her father in Alstonville, northern NSW, when she learned there was a warrant for her arrest.

He said she had children, aged nine, seven and four, who were being cared for by her mother.

The case against Kingston and Vega will return to court in August.



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