A Gold Coast woman has taken shocking steps to get revenge on her former lover after he broke off their affair. The vengeance landed her in court.

Twenty-one people replied to the ad.

Chloe Jane Lacey also included her former lover's workplace, his phone number and personal details in the online advertisement, the Southport Magistrates Court was told yesterday.

"The victim became aware through a work colleague of a social media site (Locanto) ad posted online," documents tendered to the court said.

"Ad contains victim's picture, work address (and) work phone number requesting sexual encounters at his workplace."

Police were able to track the posting to the IP address of Lacey's neighbour. The neighbour had given Lacey unlimited access to the internet.

Lacey, 39, pleaded guilty yesterday to stalking and unlawful use of a carriage service.

The harassment began in late 2017 after the pair split when Lacey underwent gender reassignment.

As well as the online posting, Lacey also bombarded the 40-year-old man with text messages, turned up at his work and contacted his colleagues.

The court was told the man had not told Lacey where he worked. She also made non-violent threats in the messages and voicemails.

Lacey also contacted the man's girlfriend through Facebook and said explicit images of Lacey and the man had been stolen, the court was told.

She covered her face as she left court in Southport. Picture: Lea Emery
She covered her face as she left court in Southport. Picture: Lea Emery

The messages started at the end of 2017 and continued until December 2018.

Magistrate Louise Shepherd sentenced Lacey to 30 months probation.

She described the posting of the advertisement for "sordid sexual services" as "serious".

"All these messages would have caused him mental anguish," Ms Shepherd said.

She said she took into account a medical report into Lacey's mental health issues.

"What I am talking about is you were under the influence of a heavy cocktail of prescription drugs that you were taking with in respect of your gender transformation," she said.

Lacey had suffered from gender dysmorphia since a child, the court was told.

Her barrister, Marty Longhurst, instructed by Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers, told the court Lacey had been in a sexual relationship with the man since 2009.

Mr Longhurst claimed there were double standards.

"We would not have been here if she had been a biological woman," he said.

Mr Longhurst said Lacey was also unable to work after a stroke left her partially paralysed.

Lacey cried during the sentencing proceedings, using a number of tissues to dry her eyes.