Rohan Dennis stunned the cycling world with his Tour walkout.
Rohan Dennis stunned the cycling world with his Tour walkout.

Shock reasons that tipped Aussie star over the edge at Tour

ROHAN Dennis still has a place at Bahrain-Merida, the team says, as more details come to light over his shock departure from the Tour de France.

The Aussie star walked off the bike without warning, or explanation, in the middle of Stage 12 - a day before the individual team time trial, an event in which he is currently the world champion.

News Corp Australia has learned a bunch of ill-fitting skinsuits was the final straw for Dennis after months of tension between rider and team.


The South Australian has been unhappy with his time-trial bike for most of the season, but has also long had issues with his time-trial skinsuit after wind tunnel testing earlier this year.

It's understood alterations were made and a batch of new suits arrived. But after none of them fitted correctly, Dennis went into a rage.



John Allert, managing director of McClaren's pro cycling arm - joint owners of Bahrain-Merida - said the team was looking into the "accumulation of factors" that led to Dennis quitting.

"We're obviously very disappointed, and no one is more disappointed about what happened yesterday than Rohan himself," Allert said.


"It's a very complicated situation, and a very sensitive situation. I'd love to say there was just one reason. I think there's probably an accumulation of reasons.

"Some of those reasons I can talk about. Some of them are probably best for Rohan to talk about when he feels ready. I'd love to say, 'It's simple, it's one thing', but the fact is it's not.

"Foremost out of respect to Rohan, I don't want to go into any great detail. I spent time with him last night and he wants to regroup and recover.

"No one knows Rohan better than Rohan himself. He's an elite athlete who is proven on the world stage to perform at the absolute outer extremes of what he's capable of doing.

"If he doesn't feel he was going to be able to do that ... I can't judge that, and he needs to make that call himself."

Rohan Dennis was supposed to be a big chance in the time trial.
Rohan Dennis was supposed to be a big chance in the time trial.

But Allert said Dennis' future at the team was not in jeopardy. He said Dennis had been in a jovial mood at the team hotel and that he had his teammates' support.

"Rohan is a contracted rider, he's a rider the team loves. He spent time with the other riders last night and everyone has kind of huddled around him," he said.

"We're in the epicentre of the situation and it's too soon to make any great judgment calls on what happens in the coming weeks and months, other than he's a required rider in team Bahrain-Merida."

When asked about possible disciplinary procedures, Allert said: "You're assuming there is a reason for disciplinary action.

"At the moment, we're not talking about a disciplinary process; we're talking about a process that better understands and quantifies how we got to where we are.

"There are a number of factors there and it would be completely wrong for anyone to assume the number one factor is Rohan and therefore that that would require a disciplinary process."