SHOCK: Toddlers at busy road after escaping childcare centre


EVERY parent's worst nightmare became reality in Coomera on Thursday when two toddlers escaped their child care centre and ran towards peak-hour traffic.

The children, both aged 2, were pulled back from the edge of Foxwell Road at 4pm by concerned motorists and schoolchildren after leaving Okeedokee Coomera Rivers.

Dashcam footage, shot by an approaching car, shows the toddlers running down a hill into oncoming traffic.

The mother of one of the children said she wasn't told about the incident by the childcare centre until after 5pm.

She described the incident as her "worst nightmare", but said she was yet to receive an incident report or any formal notification from the childcare centre about how her two year old daughter escaped.

The two toddlers seen playing beside the road.
The two toddlers seen playing beside the road.

"I wasn't called until an hour after it happened. I was at work so didn't answer and there was no calls made to my emergency contact numbers.

"I can't believe it. I wasn't told she was missing at all."

The mother said she "felt sick" when the dashcam footage of the close encounter emerged online.

"She is OK now but we were told she got out the back gate and on to the edge of the road.

"It looks like she was in the gutter about to step out on to the road before she was stopped.

"There were cars everywhere.

"We were only told in passing when my step dad came to pick her up. They said they had been trying to call me, but it was only one call.

"They said the gate had been tampered with.

"I am very anxious. She only turned two on Tuesday. How did they not even know she was missing in the first place?

"It is horrifying to see her alone on the side of the street like that."



One of the children can be seen walking towards traffic.
One of the children can be seen walking towards traffic.



A spokesperson from Okeedokee Coomera Rivers said they are not making a comment at this time, but were in contact with the education department concerning the incident.

The Coomera couple who captured the incident on camera, Rondelle Nicol and Craig Rogers, said it was a close call.

"We were just driving back from the shops and as we came off the roundabout we saw the two babies with nobody nearby," Ms Nicol said.

"At first we thought the parent must be back a bit too far and had let them run ahead, but then we realised there were no parents at all.

"Then we saw the girls up ahead and thought they must have been related and were being a bit irresponsible by letting the babies run off ahead - but we realised they were actually all alone.

"We pulled over straight away to try and stop anything bad happening.

"Staff said they didn't know the gate was open and didn't know where the babies were."

The mother who spoke to the Bulletin said she had contacted police about the incident. She thanked everyone who stopped to help her daughter.



Originally published as SHOCK FOOTAGE: Toddlers at busy road after escaping childcare centre