A 35-year-old Kippa-Ring man has been found guilty of stalking a 17-year-old girl.
A 35-year-old Kippa-Ring man has been found guilty of stalking a 17-year-old girl.

’Shirtless, cold and icky’ man stalked teen at gym

A 35-year-old Kippa-Ring man has been sentenced to three months in jail after stalking a teenager around the gym and her workplace over a number of months.

Anthony John Graziani was found guilty by Magistrate Swan, in a closed Redcliffe Magistrates Court, on Monday.

It followed a lengthy two-day hearing, held weeks apart.

During the hearing victim Annemieke Hanel, who was 17 at the time the stalking began in 2018, told the court how she first met Graziani.

She described how he followed her around the gym for a number of months, even following her in and out of the gym.

Miss Hanel said Graziani contacted her and her mother via social media after she rejected his advances, confronted her at her workplace and shouted slurs at her from a cafe near her office.

Miss Hanel, now 19, said it was the confrontation at her workplace, an office along Redcliffe Pde, in September last year, that led her to report the matter to police.

She said Graziani had previously sent two emails to her workplace, with nothing but a resume attached.

Late September 2018 Graziani then attended the office.

"He didn't have a shirt on," Miss Hanel told the court.

"His demeanour was cold, which made me feel extremely uncomfortable … and really icky.

"I walked into the project manager's office and started crying."

Two other witnesses, who worked in the office, also described the event to the court, during the two-day hearing.

Graziani was arrested and charged by Redcliffe Police on September 24, 2018.

Graziani did not share his side of the story during the trial and his solicitor Ms Sherrington did not call any witnesses either.

Magistrate Swan sentenced Graziani, to three months jail, but suspended the sentence for 18 months.

A five year restraining order was also put in place.

It is unknown why the Magistrate closed the court to deliver the outcome.