‘She’s a f***wit’: Mystery MP’s Parliament f-bomb


AN MP has been caught out dropping the f-bomb during a division in State Parliament.

The mystery male MP was heard to say "she's a f***wit" over chamber audio as MPs poured into the chamber to vote on amendments to Labor's contentious new laws banning "dangerous" lock-on devices and expanding search powers for police.

The MP, unaware his conversation was being broadcast, continued to speak about the woman he was taking issue with as the bells continued to ring.

It comes a week after deputy speaker Jess Pugh ruled uttering the words "swear emoji" was unparliamentary.

It is unclear if the MP could find themselves in hot water over the comments, which were not meant to form part of the debate.

They may need to apologise to the House and withdraw the words at during the next and final sitting week in November.