Warwick Sherman fit and ready to fire in Sydney to Hobart

WARWICK Sherman will be having another crack at the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race on Boxing Day - this time without the shadow of cancer hanging over him.

Sherman skippered Occasional Course Language Too in the 2012 race while undergoing chemotherapy.

Aap Images

"I don't believe I let anyone down in 2012," he told rolexsydneyhobart.com.

"But I was very tired in the second half of the race ... this time I'm significantly healthier, stronger and more mobile. I am proud of what I did in 2012 but this year I am doing it on my terms."

Sherman said he only needs to check in with his doctors every six months and his recovery has made him look at the great race differently than in 2012.

"Back then, not knowing what it could be like, I was more gung-ho," he said.