Lauren Ann Holloway-Williams outside Ipswich Courthouse shortly before she was jailed for multiple counts of stealing.
Lauren Ann Holloway-Williams outside Ipswich Courthouse shortly before she was jailed for multiple counts of stealing.

‘She takes what she wants’: Pregnant mum behind bars

A PREGNANT mum is behind bars after a magistrate was left with no option but to jail her for her repeated stealing.

Magistrate Kurt Fowler has ordered the 32-year-old to be released just days before she is due to give birth.

The offending of Lauren Holloway-Williams was disclosed at Ipswich Magistrates Court when she was sentenced on Thursday.

Lauren Ann Holloway-Williams, from Muirlea, pleaded guilty to 18 charges, including seven counts of stealing. She was also charged with receiving tainted property; unlawful possession of stolen property; two counts of entering premises to steal; driving when disqualified by court order; possession of dangerous drugs; unlawful possession of a controlled drug; and possession of drug utensils.

Her crimes were committed between April 2019 and February this year.

The stealing charges involved stores such as Coles at Redbank, Big-W at Chermside, The Reject Shop at Chermside, a Kmart store, and Woolworths at Forest Lake.

In some of the crimes she simply wheeled off a trolley load of goods without stopping to pay.

Although not detailed in court, the items included baby formula, bakery items and deli meats.

The drug offences included being in possession of .049 grams of ice.

She was intercepted driving a Holden Commodore at 11.30pm on February 8 when disqualified, and again driving when disqualified at Eastern Heights on March 6.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Bernard Elmore said police sought a jail term of 12 months, saying Holloway-Williams had “a horrific criminal history” for stealing and dishonesty offences, with more than 40 previous offences.

“Her history suggests she has no respect for the property of others. She takes what she wants when she wants,” Snr Const. Elmore said.

Magistrate Kurt Fowler questioned one element of the police facts where Holloway-Williams told officers that she stole on some occasions to provide to her former partner so he would provide access to a child.

Mr Fowler said some of the items included a dragon sitting on a skull, figurines, and household goods, and these would not be typical items that a middle-aged man would ask someone to steal.

Snr Const. Elmore said it was more likely she stole for her own purposes.

Mr Fowler wanted to know more about the sentiment behind a letter Holloway-Williams had written to the court, expressing that: “I want to go to jail for a break. Only one thing is going to make it hard is my kids”.

Defence lawyer Christy Lowden said the mother of two was 28-weeks pregnant and due to give birth on October 4.

Ms Lowden said Holloway-Williams had suffered a brain injury in an assault, but realised the seriousness of her matters and was fully aware of the consequences of her offending.

“She instructs that he told her if she goes and gets items for him, he would agree to let her see the child,” Ms Lowden said.

“It has had an emotional impact on her.”

With an existing suspended jail sentence of four months activated, Mr Fowler sentenced Holloway-Williams to a further eight months’ jail for the new offences, making a total of 12 months.

She will be released from jail on October 1, just days before the baby’s expected birth.

Holloway-Williams received two licence disqualification penalties, including one for two years, and one of 30 months.