Kitchen knife in a woman hand isolated on a white background
Kitchen knife in a woman hand isolated on a white background

‘She stabbed someone to the point of slicing her liver’

"SHE stabbed someone to the point of slicing her liver."

This was what Judge William Everson said about an unlawful wounding incident carried out by Anita Smith, 31, who had a 10-page criminal record containing convictions for regular violent behaviour.

Smith was simply a ­passenger in the stolen Lexus car at one point during the main offender Larcome Allan James Keith Brown's crime spree in November. The car belonged to former Rockhampton MP Robert Schwarten.

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Smith pleaded guilty on November 2 in Rockhampton District Court to one count each of unlawful wounding, common assault, public nuisance, possessing a knife in a public place and possessing a used syringe not safely stored.

Crown prosecutor Tiffany Lawrence said Smith had asked a group of people for a car battery charger on March 28 at Berserker.

She said one person told Smith "no", and she ended up in an argument.

"I'm going to stab this c---," Smith said.

Ms Lawrence said Smith stabbed the female victim in the torso with a knife before fleeing.

The wound reached the right lobe of the liver.

In another violent incident, Smith approached a woman at 1.55am on February 28 and demanded she tell her who she was speaking to.

She said the victim declined and Smith grabbed the phone and threw it on the ground.

"I'm going to take you on a boot ride," the defendant told the victim.

The victim grabbed her phone from the ground and ran to a nearby taxi.

Ms Lawrence said police located Smith at 2.07am and she denied the phone incident.

She was arrested and asked if she had anything to declare.

Smith produced a pair of large scissors from her bra and when police searched her, they also located a used uncapped syringe with blood on the needle from inside her bra.

Ms Lawrence said Smith was taken to a Campbell St address and given a notice to appear in court.

Hours later, Smith was in a street, waving her arms around and was spotted by a walking woman at 6.20am, who thought Smith was in trouble.

The victim approached Smith and the defendant asked where her daughter was.

Smith punched the victim in the upper chest, causing her immediate pain, and the victim dropped her bag on the ground.

"You can't go around arming yourself with a knife or scissors and stabbing people," Judge Everson said.

Defence barrister Ross Lo Monaco said Smith was one of seven children with both parents deceased and two brothers in prison.

He said she had worked as a cleaner at a radio station after leaving school, until she was diagnosed with paranoia schizophrenia in her early 20s.

He said Smith was suggested to an involuntary mental health treatment authority between 2012 and 2016.

Judge Everson said Smith had been drinking heavily leading up to the stabbing and was found in possession of methamphetamines.

"It is unfortunate your failure to comply with your mental health treatment program and use of illicit drugs has led to the offending here today," he said.

Judge Everson ordered Smith to a 2.5 years' prison term, declared 212 days served, with parole release on January 4, 2021.