Alarna Jane Fraser, 29, has been sent to jail for weapons, drugs and cash charges.
Alarna Jane Fraser, 29, has been sent to jail for weapons, drugs and cash charges. Facebook

Guns hidden in 4-year-old son's toybox: CQ mum's secret shame

DEADLY weapons were concealed in the bottom of a four-year-old boy's toy box.

The sawn-off shot guns, pump action rifles and 100 rounds of ammunition weren't the only items the four-year-old's mother tried to hide from police.

Alarna Jane Fraser, 29, had pleaded not guilty in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Wednesday to one count of possessing property reasonably suspected of being tainted with the magistrate's decision handed down yesterday - guilty.

Following this decision, Fraser pleaded guilty to seven other charges.

Fraser had $4050 in her clutch purse inside her handbag and three ecstasy tablets in a Kinder Surprise container in her underpants when police intercepted the motorbike she was travelling on at 10pm on March 16.

The court heard that the rider of the motorbike had one ecstasy tablet and methamphetamines in his bag, was riding an unregistered and uninsured motorbike while high on meth and was unlicensed.

Fraser told police on the night that the money was her father's and then later added some of it was from her business. However, while giving evidence on Wednesday, she said her father had left her some of the money earlier that day and the rest had come from one of his clients.


The court heard Fraser had told police on the night she was on her way to give her dad the money.

However, while giving evidence on Wednesday, Fraser said she asked the bike rider to go for a cruise and that she was going to a friend's place for drinks and possibly into town afterwards, and they were going to her dad's to drop off the money.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke found Fraser to be "non-responsive to simple questions being asked of her" and her evidence to be an "implausible story" impossible to follow. He rejected her evidence.

Yesterday the court heard Fraser had been subjected to police searches three weeks earlier where firearms and ammunition were found.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said police found two .22 calibre rounds in pot plants at Fraser's George Ln residence on February 16.

Eight days later police carried out another search.

"They located a large wooden chest in the cupboard in a bedroom where there were children's toys," Mr Fox said.

"When moving the chest, they heard rattling sounds."

He said police removed a panel revealing a hidden compartment containing a silver pump-action rifle, two sawn-off firearms, 94 .22 calibre rounds, one 9mm Luger round and six other rounds. A glass pipe with "sweet puff" on the side was found in the office area of the residence.

The court heard Fraser had been placed on a six-month probation order earlier this year - her third - which she was about to breach for failing to attend meetings and abusing probation staff.

The court also heard Fraser's criminal history included two prior convictions for weapons possession along with supplying drugs and other drug-related charges.

"You've made a determination to lead a thoroughly lawless life," Mr Clarke said during sentencing."

He sentenced Fraser to six months in prison with parole on February 26.