The sister of a woman accused of murdering her partner has given evidence during her trial.
The sister of a woman accused of murdering her partner has given evidence during her trial.

‘She had a knife in her hands’: Sister recounts alleged murder scene

THE sister of a woman charged with stabbing her partner to death has described finding her sitting on a park swing with a knife in her hand a short distance from where he lay under a tree.

Michelle Loretta Cooktown, 25, has admitted causing the death of her partner, Northern Territory man Galvin Furber, 23, but not guilty to his murder during her trial in Cairns Supreme Court.

His body was located with stab wounds in a Babinda park on December 12, 2018.

Ms Cooktown's younger sister Breeana Cooktown gave evidence on the second day of the trial and said when she arrived at the park, which was a short distance from the family's house, she saw her sister on the swing with a lime green knife.

"She had it in her hand," she said.

She told the court she later found the knife on the ground and picked it up with a tissue before giving it to a police officer who arrived at the scene.

Crown prosecutor Nathan Crane asked Breeana if she saw her sister try to help Mr Furber which she said: "No".

The court was told the couple had a short but tumultuous relationship marred by violence, leading up to his death.

They had been living in Mt Isa together before travelling to Innisfail and Babinda to attend several family funerals.

Breeana told the court she heard the pair fighting while they stayed at the Babinda house, including one incident where she said she heard Mr Furber punch her sister who started crying.

She said Mr Furber also told Breeana he wanted to have sex with her in front of Michelle.

"Michelle started hitting him," she said.

"(He) fell to the ground.

"He was just protecting himself. Covering his face with his arms."

The court had previously been told the sister's youngest brother Isaiah, 18, witnessed the alleged stabbing which occurred on a park bench.

The trial continues today.