Gatton Earthquake, courtesy of Geoscience Australia
Gatton Earthquake, courtesy of Geoscience Australia contributed

Shaky start to Sunday morning

ALTHOUGH it was small, it was enough to rock some people's world.

A 3.1 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Gatton during the early hours of Sunday morning.

Geoscience Australia reported the 3.25am earthquake originated north west of Vinegar Hill, lasting about 26 seconds.

It was reportedly 6km below the earth's surface.

According to Geoscience Australia's radius, the vibrations were felt from Toowoomba to Crows Nest back to Gatton, Churchable, up to Mount Hallen and Cressbrook.

It's not the first earthquake for Gatton, with one recorded on August 15, 1988, measuring 4 on the Richter scale, which was felt across a 2500 square kilometre area.

A small aftershock of 0.5 was recorded nearly eight hours after the initial shock, with another following four days later on August 19 at 2.28am.