Sex predator forced to pay $1.2m to former student

A WOMAN whose teacher fondled her on a bus trip to Kyogle during a pattern of sexual assault lasting seven years and involving two pregnancies has been awarded $1.2 million in criminal compensation.

Former Moree Christian School teacher Darryl Reineker met the girl at a local church in 2000, soon after her family moved to Moree.

He offered to privately tutor the 12-year-old, which gave him access to her in a private setting.

He would put his hand up her skirt during their one-on-one classes.

By September 2001, Reineker began complimenting the girl on her body shape and asking her to take her costume off in front of him at swimming training.

She turned down his initial requests but finally agreed to get naked after Reineker brought her back to his house so he could "massage" her sore back.

"I thought that because Darryl was my school teacher and swim coach, and he was an adult that he wouldn't be doing the wrong thing," she told the court.

"I trusted him."

Reineker's predatory behaviour continued in 2002, when he began regularly having sex with her in a classroom during school hours and on weekends.

"I remember asking myself if what Darryl had done was sex. I didn't even know that it was sex at the time," she said.

"I promised myself that it wasn't and that I wouldn't tell anyone and I would pretend it didn't happen."

She felt she had no way of breaking the routine.

Reineker took a group of students on a school excursion to Kyogle in June 2003.

He sat next to the girl on the bus, placed a jacket over their laps and fondled her during the journey.

The girl's mental state deteriorated and as the abuse continued she began cutting herself.

When she was 17 years old, Reineker got her pregnant and threatened to commit suicide unless she had an abortion.

She became pregnant again eight months later in December 2005 but had a miscarriage before the pregnancy could be terminated.

Reineker followed her to Armidale when she moved as a 19-year-old in 2008 and continued to have sex with her until Christmas.

In 2009, she attended a show by motivational speaker Patrick Moore and later approached him with her story.

He convinced her to tell authorities about the years of abuse she had suffered.

Reineker was jailed and has now been ordered to pay $1.2 million in criminal damages.

The NSW Supreme Court heard the now 27-year-old woman had been hospitalised at least three times after suicide attempts.

"She has been deprived of a normal adolescence and the opportunity to discover and enjoy sex in an appropriate way," Justice Christine Adamson said.

"Her willingness and ability to trust others, as well as her capacity to form intimate relationships, have been substantially compromised by the defendant's wrongdoing."