Sexting, jealousy, and booze made a volatile cocktail.
Sexting, jealousy, and booze made a volatile cocktail. MaxPixel's contributors

Sex videos, rude texts from jealous 'alcoholic'

JEALOUS his former partner was going out with another man, he sent a series of "disgusting” sexually explicit texts.

Roma man Caleb Walter Turnbull was urged to stop drinking after getting in trouble for the obscene messages.

Brisbane District Court court heard Turnbull once sent a clip of somebody masturbating, which a "third party” received.

He told police in 2015 he was "pissed off at the world” when he did that.

Another video he sent featured a couple engaged in oral sex.

He was given a suspended sentence in 2015 but later breached a domestic violence order by texting his former partner about topics including fellatio.

On Wednesday, Judge Ian Dearden said Turnbull's texts were "appalling, disgusting” ways to use a mobile phone.

The judge said "not every relationship ends happily” but that did not excuse the lewd texts.

Judge Dearden advised the 32-year-old to never drink again, saying alcohol abuse was the "monkey on his back”.

Turnbull was sentenced for breaching a domestic violence order and for using a carriage service to menace or harass.

The court heard he sent 253 texts to his former partner and received 252 replies before his arrest on December 1 last year.

Once when Turnbull called his former partner a "dumb c---” she hit him in the head with a bottle, knocking him out, then poured the bottle's contents on him.

The court heard Turnbull, who recently lived in Caloundra, had held down jobs but chaos ensued when he was binge drinking.

Turnbull was a "functional alcoholic” and sobriety was his only path to stay out of jail or lead a fulfilling life, Judge Dearden said.

The judge activated two earlier suspended sentences for Turnbull.

He received a two-year good behaviour bond, which included a ban on drinking.

Turnbull was immediately released on parole and told to report to Maroochydore.

Judge Dearden said this was a "finely balanced case” and Turnbull was lucky not to be jailed.

He was banned from drinking for two years.

The judge warned that if he breached probation and parole "everything will collapse”. - NewsRegional