GLADSTONE COURT: A man caught on CCTV stealing sex toys was later found with a large quantity of meth.
GLADSTONE COURT: A man caught on CCTV stealing sex toys was later found with a large quantity of meth.

Sex toy thief caught with $4k worth of meth

A MAN caught on CCTV stealing a buttplug and vibrating egg by putting them down his pants found himself in more trouble when he was found with an estimated $4350 worth of meth.

Allen Norman Thierauf, 56, pleaded guilty to seven charges in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday, the most serious charge for possessing a schedule one drug quantity of or exceeding schedule three but less than schedule four.

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Defence lawyer Bianca Wierland said Thierauf's trouble started when he allowed someone from the past into his home, resulting in him being kicked out of the home.

She told the court he started doing drugs and hanging around the wrong people but had now been clean for six weeks and found accommodation out of town.

She said he was annoyed with himself for going down the "wrong path" and was remorseful for his actions.

In her sentencing remarks, Deputy Chief Magistrate Janelle Brassington said the drug offences were the most serious.

She said on September 3 Thierauf and a female co-accused were captured on CCTV in an adult store where he was seen to remove a vibrating egg and place it down his pants.

The store was seeking compensation for the egg and a buttplug valued at $138.

Ms Brassington said Thierauf was subject to a search warrant and police found clothing linked to the person on CCTV.

During the warrant they found a jewellery box containing jewellery belonging to someone else, a homemade water pipe which smelt of marijuana and a clip seal bag with a crystal substance.

On October 9 another search warrant was conducted at a Clinton address where police found a water pipe for marijuana, which Thierauf said belonged to a friend, but admitted he had seen it during the day, a locked box with a crystal substance, scales, scoops and syringes which were used for meth.

Ms Brassington said on November 2 police intercepted a car where Thierauf was the front passenger. Police conducted a search and located a black backpack containing a crystal substance which contained 4.06g of pure meth.

Ms Brassington said meth was particularly dangerous as it often started with minor use quickly escalated.

Thierauf was sentenced to nine months imprisonment immediately suspended for 18 months and 18 months probation. He was ordered to pay $138 compensation to the adult store.

A conviction was recorded.