Sex with a dog taken off uni student's record

A WOMAN has won her bid to not have a conviction recorded against her name after she had sex with a dog.

A court judgement, delivered on Tuesday, said the woman allowed a man to place the dog's penis inside her while he filmed it.

Court documents stated the 21-year-old university student did not seek any sexual gratification from it; she wanted to accommodate the man's wishes to watch her perform a sexual act with a dog.

The woman was convicted of bestiality at a Gold Coast court in May last year and was released on probation for a two year period.

But she appealed this to Queensland highest court, asking that a conviction not be recorded against her because she wanted to obtain a blue card to be able to work with disadvantaged children in the future.

The Court of Appeal found in her favour this afternoon and ordered a conviction not be recorded against her.

"The applicant is a young woman who made a very poor choice which she plainly regrets," Justice David Jackson's judgment said.

"Before this offence, she was at university pursuing a career path which, conviction or no conviction, may well now be out of her reach."