We're giving away a Fitbit Flex with our latest digital offer.
We're giving away a Fitbit Flex with our latest digital offer.

Seven signs you're obsessed with your Fitbit

IF THERE is one warning Fitbit doesn't put on the packet, it's the tendency for users to become obsessed. But it's definitely not a bad thing.

Suddenly walking has a whole new meaning, and with your own little trainer on your wrist keeping you accountable, it's the perfect motivation for getting fit and healthy this spring.

Here are seven signs you're obsessed with your Fitbit:

1.       Suddenly you feel the urge to walk to the corner store instead of drive and you're no longer disgusted at the thought of walking from the bus stop to the office.

2.       You haven't lifted a weight or gone to yoga in months because any workout that doesn't involve stepping is pointless.

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3.       You are constantly tracking your Fitbit friends' progress, have developed a competitive streak you never knew you had and you'll be damned if one of your friends clocks an extra step than you.

4.       You feel like your non Fitbit-wearing friends just don't understand you.

5.       You've recently become obsessed with your sleeping patterns and your workmates are sick of hearing how many times you were 'restless' during the night.

6.       10,000 is your new lucky number.

7.       Your dog is fed up with two walks a day and is on strike, or is the fittest looking thoroughbred you've ever seen.

Can anyone relate?