IT'S OFFICIAL: The new Somerset Council was sworn in yesterday.
IT'S OFFICIAL: The new Somerset Council was sworn in yesterday.

7 decisions to be made by Somerset’s new council this week

THE NEW Somerset Regional council will have its first meeting this week, and councillors old and new alike will have much to decide on.

Meeting will be closed to the public due to health and safety concerns, but agendas and minutes will still be available online, and audio streams of the meeting will be available on the council website.

There will actually be two meetings held on Wednesday, a Post-Election meeting, and an Ordinary meeting.

Here are seven decisions council will be making on the morning:



With previous Deputy Mayor Dan Hall having retired from council this year, a new councillor will have to step up to fill his shoes.

This is the first major decision set to be made on the morning.



Somerset councillors sit on a myriad of local committees and community groups and deciding which councillors will fill which seats is another topic set to be discussed.



Council will be considering two requests to remove Somerset Properties from the Queensland Heritage Register - one in Esk, and one in Toogoolawah.



Council frequently has to approve development for material change of use, construction, and much more.

Three such development applications will be under consideration this week, for properties in Lowood, Tarampa, and Minden.



In the wake of an unprecedentedly devastating fire season, rural fire brigades in the region are requesting more money from council for operating expenses and capital works.

To meet this request, council would have to raise the current levy from $25 per property to $35 per property.

Councillors will decide this week whether raising the levy is something they will consider.



Another community matter under this consideration this week is whether council should budget for resurfacing works at the Somerset Dam Tennis Courts.

The full 2020/2021 budget will be hashed out in a later meeting.



With no clear end in sight for the coronavirus pandemic, council is considering an extension to dog registration dates.

Normally dog registration renewals would be handed out around June, and last for twelve months, but councillors will this week contemplate extending all current registrations by a further twelve months.