'Rigid, soft and flexible': A guide to plastic recycling

PLASTIC is one of the first items mentioned in any discussions about recyclables, but it is the one aspect residents are most confused about

Works, Parks and Sport Committee Acting Chairperson Cr David Morrison said there were many variations of plastic - but the key word was "rigid".

Rigid plastics refer to plastics that are relatively inflexible, like milk bottles, and are not easily broken, like harder plastics, such as CD cases.

"Our new 12-month contract with Visy Recycling specifies rigid plastic. Definitely not soft and flexible plastics like plastic bags, cling wrap, the inner plastic packaging for biscuits, frozen vegetable packets," Cr Morrison said.

Accepted: milk bottles, soft drink bottles, cordial bottles, shampoo bottles, cleaning product bottles, hair care product containers, liquid soap and moisturiser pump packs, cooking oil containers, ice cream containers with lid on, juice bottles, margarine containers with lid on, sauce bottles, salad dressing bottles, yoghurt tubs.

Not accepted: CD cases, chip packets, razors, plastic strapping, toothpaste tubes, polystyrene meat trays, plastic bags, cling wrap, or soft plastic food packaging, fruit/ veg punnets and meat trays.

Go to www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/recycling or phone 38106666.