ENDLESS OPPORTUNITY: The modern sporting landscape is Queensland netball and touch football representative Jazelle Dilworth’s oyster.
ENDLESS OPPORTUNITY: The modern sporting landscape is Queensland netball and touch football representative Jazelle Dilworth’s oyster.

Set to thrive in the new world order

GIFTED Ipswich sportswoman Jazelle Dilworth has the world at her feet.

At a time when more opportunities than ever are becoming available to women with extraordinary abilities, she is poised to capitalise.

Already at just 12-years-old she has earned maroon kits in touch football and netball.

While representing the sunshine state at nationals in Toowoomba, her skills caught the attention of Australian under-13 indoor netball selectors

In July, the precocious talent will take another step towards her professional goal when she heads to New Zealand to take part in an international competition.

“It’s my biggest achievement to represent the country I live in,” she said.

“I love to see my family members proud of me.”

It is undeniable the kid has ability but everyone knows it takes more than just that to make it as a professional.

Yet there is something special about Dilworth which makes it clear this indomitable and versatile dual-code athlete will achieve anything to which she sets her mind.

What separates her from the rest is the desire that drives her to wake up early every morning and throw up 100 shots before heading off to school.

At present her mind is firmly set on a future in Super Netball and nothing is going to stop her from realising her lofty ambition.

The sport has been part of the family’s life for decades.

Nanna Michelle Dufty was a no-nonsense defender who was a member of many a representative team at home in New Zealand.

While she also excelled in basketball and rugby league, ‘netty’ is still her passion. She remains linked to the game.

A patient coach these days, she passes her knowledge onto the next generation.

Undoubtedly, it is from Nanna that Dilworth derives her physical attributes.

It is likely she modelled many of the qualities which make her a champion and a natural born leader on her grandmother as well.

Filling the role of captain is standard for this vivacious and respectful youngster who is often lauded as much for her skills as she is for showing intelligence and meritorious sportsmanship.

Last year, she watched her other hero Romelda Aiken in action for the Queensland Firebirds live.

While she mirrors Nanna in the backcourt, Dilworth strives to emulate the Queensland shooting trump card on attack.

A former student of Springfield Central academically proficient across the board, she will shift to nearby St Peters Lutheran to join their newly-formed netball excellence program this year.

Rivals be warned the fledgling college has acquired a player with unlimited potential in Dilworth and one to keep a close eye on in years to come.