Exciting new complex planned for Ipswich

A COMPLEX complete with a service station, car wash, childcare facility and two fast food outlets will be constructed in Raceview if approval is granted.

A development application has been submitted to Ipswich City Council on behalf of Your Realty Pty Ltd to build the complex on a block of land on Robertson Rd.

The 27,250 sqm site fronts Robertson Rd and it is adjacent to the intersection between it and Grange Rd.

The total area of the proposed development will be about 18,500 sqm.

The remaining area, about 8500 sqm, would be left unimproved for future development, which will be determined by "further market testing".

It is proposed 130 car parks would be included as part of the development.

A house is located on the north east corner of the block, with the rest of the site a grassed paddock.


A development application for a new complex at Raceview has been submitted to Ipswich City Council.
A development application for a new complex at Raceview has been submitted to Ipswich City Council.


"The proposal involves the development of a small service/convenience centre consisting of two fast food outlets in the sites north east, a service station and car wash in the north west, and a childcare facility in the south west," the application notes.

"Both roads are designated as major inter-suburban link, accommodating residential, commercial, and community uses along their frontages.

"Land uses directly adjoining the subject site consist of a church to the west, a drainage reserve and electricity substation to the south, a small health care service to the east, and health care services and a service station to north on the opposite side of Robertson Road.

"The site forms a significant portion of land generally in the centre of Raceview transitioning from very low density to more intense urban uses."

Access to the site is proposed from Robertson Rd via an all-movement entry and exit driveway integrated with the Robertson Rd and Grange Rd signalised intersection.

A left-out exit driveway would also be located north of the service station.