Seriously injured footballer sharing his story

RUGBY league is a contact sport and injuries are bound to happen at some stage of a player's career.

Injuries generally suffered include broken jaws, fractured eye sockets plus injuries to ankles and knees.

Serious injuries can also happen.

One such occurred a few weeks ago to Fassifern forward Paul Jackwitz.

Jackwitz is a tough footballer who plays within the rules but likes the contact that rugby league brings being a forward.

He went in to make a regulation tackle at the start of a recent game against Swifts and unfortunately things didn't go to plan. Jackwitz suffered an injury that might have finished his career.

He came out of the tackle with a fractured C5 vertebrae and subluxed C5-C6 along with torn spinal ligaments and a damaged disc.

He subsequently has had surgery to repair the damage suffered and now is on the road to recovery.

Make sure you watch "After the 80" next week where Paul will speak about the injury and the road that he will be taking to recovery.

Allan Langer
Allan Langer Contributed

Vote for Alf

DEBATE has started with a petition launched to get Origin great Allan Langer a bronzed statue outside Suncorp Stadium.

The Alf statue would be alongside the other league champions that currently adorn the walkway.

Langer is the greatest sporting star to come out of Ipswich and I call on the city to get onto the petition site and pledge your vote.

It can be found at

Quick thoughts

HERO of the week 1: The run of outs is finally over with the Waratahs breaking the hoodoo that has plagued Australian teams against New Zealand teams in Super Rugby. They defeated the Highlanders and the curse that had lasted 723 days.

Hero of the week 2: It took nine games but the Brisbane Lions are finally on the board with a gutsy win against the Hawks. Hopefully the win is the start of better things ahead.

Villain of the week: Curtis Scott wins the award this week as the man who brought back the biff. While some people loved it, the look was not a great image for the game and serious injuries can be attained.

Bomber's best: Last week's tip Sizzling Belle got too far back but ran home for second. This week it's back to the AFL where the Tigers, Magpies, Swans and Giants will all be saluting.

Did you know?

1. Pittsburgh is the only city that all its major sporting teams (MLB, NHL, NFL) wear black and gold.

2. Kite flying is a professional sport in Thailand.