Serial rapist ordered to attend court for hearing

A SERIAL rapist with a sordid history will be brought before Ipswich Magistrates Court next week because of difficulties in receiving his legal instructions while in jail lockdown.

When the case of Philip Arthur Gilchrist, 60, was mentioned before magistrate David Shepherd this week, it heard Gilchrist would likely face a 14-day ‘isolation’ period on his return to the jail after being brought to the court.

Gilchrist has been charged with one count of contravening a relevant order, relating to his conviction as a sex offender.

His documented crimes include the rape of two women in Gladstone in the 1980s

Legal Aid lawyer Alana Davie said that given his intellectual capacity issues and the current jail lockdown, it had been difficult to obtain instructions.

Ms Davie said Gilchrist also had a pending matter in the Supreme Court.

Mr Shepherd made the order for Gilchrist to be brought to the court in person early next week.