Convicted thief Shannelle Woodrow was described in court as being 'an utter pest'.
Convicted thief Shannelle Woodrow was described in court as being 'an utter pest'.

‘Serial pest’ jailed after string of offences

A WOMAN labelled by an Ipswich magistrate as a serial pest has admitted to charges including walking into a taxi office and stealing a driver’s jacket, and doing a runner with a man’s bag from a hotel.

An Ipswich court has heard the woman twice created a disturbance in a Centrelink office.

Her offences were outlined in Ipswich Magistrates Court where she appeared from jail via video-link for sentence on 22 charges.

Shannelle Dorothy Woodrow, 31, from Brassall and previously Gladstone, pleaded guilty to the range of charges including entering premises to steal; two counts of stealing; assault; two counts of public nuisance at Centrelink on March 2; creating a disturbance/or nuisance; possession of dangerous drugs; failing to take care and precautions with a needle/syringe; possession of drug utensils; unlawful possession of stolen property; receiving tainted property; contravening a community service order; possession of a knife; contravening a police direction; and failed to appear in court on June 23.

Prosecutor Sergeant Rose Molinaro said Woodrow walked into the Yellow Cabs office in Ipswich on February 13 and stole a man’s jacket valued at $125.

She also assaulted a man on January 22 at Southbank in Brisbane after stealing his bag.

Sgt Molinaro said Woodrow walked into Ipswich Centrelink at 9.50am regarding her payments and began arguing with staff, calling them names and using foul language.

When another Centrelink client made a comment Woodrow became physical and security had to break up a fight, Sgt Molinaro said.

Woodrow was escorted out but returned to Centrelink at 11.45am and waited in the queue.

The court heard she became belligerent and abusive calling them “f***ing dogs, f***ing pieces of s**t”.

She was again escorted by security from the office.

In an incident at Southbank Brisbane, Woodrow walked into the Plough Inn at 11.20am on January 22 and stole a man’s bag from an upstairs staffroom.

She was viewed on CCTV and the man went after her.

Woodrow handed over his bag after she took her own belongings out of it.

As he phoned police while following her, Woodrow held a glass bottle and made a threat to throw it at him.

She punched him in the torso and kicked him twice to his leg while screaming at him.

“She is a recidivist offender and at an age where she should have improved her conduct,” Sgt Molinaro said.

Police sought a jail term of between six and nine months and to serve one-third.

Woodrow had already spent nine days in custody since her arrest.

Sgt Molinaro also detailed some of her prior offences and sentences that included charges of dishonesty, robbery; drugs, assault, and “nuisance style offences”.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Woodrow had underlying mental health issues that needed to be addressed.

When released from jail she would live in Rockhampton with her father, Mr Fairclough said.

Magistrate Kurt Fowler said police labelled much of her offending as nuisance behaviour, and she would be viewed by most people in the community “as being a complete and utter pest, and a nuisance”.

Woodrow was convicted and sentenced to a range of jail terms, with a total sentence of 7 ½ months jail. She was also fined $750.

She will be released to parole on September 8.