SEQ storms signal arrival of radar watching season

STORM season is still months away but radar watching season is here. 

It comes with the Bureau of Meteorology's Mt Stapylton radar showing showers and the odd thunderstorm developing over southeast Queensland this afternoon.

"We've got some activity along the Great Dividing Range, just near Toowoomba and down towards Warwick at the moment," Meteorologist Harry Clark said. 

"It's going to continue moving towards east later today.

"There's a reasonable chance Ipswich might see something too, although it's going to be a little bit hit and miss as to where any of these storms form.

"Tomorrow's looking more likely and widespread, with a medium to high chance of showers or a storm," Clark said.

"And if it does develop tomorrow it will probably be towards the evening.

"There won't be huge totals of rainfall with any of this either, most likely falls of less than 10mm."

Ipswich Forecast

  • Wednesday Min 9 Max 26 - Shower or two, possible storm
  • Thursday Min 9 Max 29 - Possible shower
  • Friday Min 7 Max 26 - Partly cloudy
  • Saturday Min 4 Max 25 - Sunny
  • Sunday Min 7 Max 28 - Sunny
  • Monday Min 9 Max 29 - Sunny