OPINION: Senseless Brussels attack backfires on terrorists

EDITORIAL: Another shocking terror attack has shown once again that we now live in a world where no one can guarantee our safety.

But the terrorists cannot seem to grasp what occurs when they attack.

I have yet to see any community that does not bind together and emerge more determined and stronger after such an attack.

Thankfully, most people refuse to be intimidated by these fanatics.

We will not let them dictate how we live our lives.

Toowoomba Belgian shaken, devastated and heartbroken

Law enforcement agencies throughout the world will join in the hunt for these terrorists.

When they are caught they should be locked away for life.

There is nothing acceptable about killing innocent people.

Those responsible have earned the world's condemnation.

At last count at least 31 people were dead and more than 200 people injured.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims.