Charlie Albone, Andrew Winter and Shaynna Blaze return for season 10 of Selling Houses Australia. Supplied by Foxtel.
Charlie Albone, Andrew Winter and Shaynna Blaze return for season 10 of Selling Houses Australia. Supplied by Foxtel. Nick Wilson

Selling Houses renovate for Salvos in 100th episode

THE Selling Houses Australia team couldn't renovate just any house for their 100th episode.

The producers of Foxtel's popular, award-winning renovation for profit series managed to find a special property, the sale of which will benefit a worthy cause, for season 10's premiere episode.

Host Andrew Winter (pictured), interior designer Shaynna Blaze and landscape designer Charlie Albone have worked their magic on a 100-year-old Sydney home owned by the Salvation Army.

The four-bedroom, heritage federation home was purchased in 1920 by William Bramwell Booth, who was the General of the Salvation Army at the time and the son of the Salvation Army founder William Booth. But now, the Salvos need to sell the property to raise much-needed funds for their homeless services.

The Selling Houses team hopes to nudge the $2 million mark when the house goes to auction on Saturday.

A handful of lucky competition winners will be flown to Sydney to watch the auction action and the result will be turned around to air in the show's 100th episode next week.

"This is an amazing story and it's not like anything else we've done," Winter tells The Guide.

"The house was bought in an undesirable part of Sydney. It was cheap, but oh how that has turned around. (Petersham) has gone from an inner city no-go area to a very desirable inner city suburb."

The majority of properties renovated this season, though, are in regional areas because of the volatile metropolitan property market.

"One minute we went 'oh you'll never sell that in Sydney' to 'just put the for sale board up and they'll come knocking'," Winter says.

"Nobody is applying from Sydney or Melbourne any more because they don't need help.

"This housing market is pushing us into regional areas most of us didn't know very well."

Season 10 will feature episodes filmed in Far North Queensland, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast, an island off the South Australian coast, a dairy farm in rural Victoria and the show's first Tassie property.

Expect outcomes as varied as the home owners themselves.

"The home owner situations are all over the place, and so the results are equally all over the place," Winter says.

"There's a great lack of predictability this year."

- Selling Houses Australia - The Lifestyle Channel - Wednesday, March 1 at 7.30pm Qld, 8.30pm NSW