A woman incriminated herself by taking a photo on a stolen iPad.
A woman incriminated herself by taking a photo on a stolen iPad.

Selfie to cloud snaps iPad thief

A STOLEN iPad device was used by a woman to take a selfie which she inadvertently uploaded to the owner's storage cloud.

Her apparent 'oops' moment helped land her back in jail and brought selfie snapper and mum of seven Tina Hazard before Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Tina Kathleen Hazard, 33, from Strathpine, appeared in the dock and pleaded guilty to a series of charges including stealing; enter dwelling and stealing; receiving tainted property; four counts of fraud; and attempted fraud.

The fraud offences occurred at Eastern Heights and the Ipswich area in August.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum ordered restitution of $100 be paid to NAB, $40 to the Commonwealth Bank, and $34.99 to Rebel Sports for a shirt.

Ms MacCallum did query whether this should be more because the police facts before her stated that five shirts were stolen from Rebel Sports.

Police prosecutor senior Constable Dave Shelton said Hazard had a 14 page criminal history and in March had been sentenced to a 10 month jail term for offences of dishonesty. She received immediate parole after serving 47 days in pre-sentence custody.

In the matters before the Ipswich court Snr Cnst Shelton sought a penalty of up to eight months jail.

Hazard's lawyer told the court she was a mother of seven with a long term history of addiction issue and been in jail since August, and been drug free in that time.

She also wanted release due to the death of a sister-in-law and wished to join her family in grieving.

Hazard's lawyer sought her jailtime be done by way of an Intensive Corrections Order.

Ms MacCallum said Hazard's life had been tough and she needed to step-up and be a good mum to her children instead of behaving in a self-indulgent way.

Hazard was sentenced to a 12 month jail term - to be served through an Intensive Corrections Order.