Anthony Seibold is under pressure.
Anthony Seibold is under pressure.

Seibold’s excuses don’t stand up

Anthony Seibold claimed his players were already thinking about rep round in their awful loss to Parramatta. But the Monday Bunker crew don't think that excuse holds water.

In the aftermath of the 38-10 drubbing, coach Anthony Seibold claimed many of Brisbane's players already had their eyes on the representative round and were distracted as a result.

But does that excuse hold water? The Monday Bunker crew think not.

Is Seibold trying to pass the buck? AAP Image/Dan Peled.
Is Seibold trying to pass the buck? AAP Image/Dan Peled.

"I don't like that line of thinking at all. It was almost a semi-excuse for the players," said The Courier-Mail's Robert Craddock.

"That's Anthony Seibold's challenge as a coach, to address a problem like that and make sure it doesn't happen."

Fox Sports' Dan Ginnane agreed, saying he believes Seibold always has an excuse whenever the Broncos lose.

"It always seems to be something. There always seems to be an excuse," Ginnane said.

"There always seems to be a reason when they don't win and it's never him. It sounds like an excuse to me, when other teams have the exact same issue.

"He needs NSW to win this second game or the attention of The Courier-Mail goes on him and his team and a Broncos team shouldn't ever be 5-8."

The Broncos are currently 12th on the ladder and have lost two in a row.

They've spent just one week inside the top eight all season.