See planes that made history

THE RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre will open the doors to its World War Two era Bellman hangars for a free public open day tomorrow.

Wing Commander Clive Wells said those interested air force history had the opportunity to browse through aviation displays which reflected 75 years of military history at the nation's largest air force base.

"A team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers is on hand to guide visitors around the displays, willing and able to provide a lot of background information and interesting titbits to round out the Heritage Centre experience," WO Wells said.

"The iconic F-111 supersonic strike bomber dwarfs the early jet fighters, the Sabre and Mirage, in the jet era hangar which also houses a display of jet engines as well as the F-111 cockpit modules in which aircrews could eject to safety in an emergency.

The Heritage Centre houses a display of Air Force, and some Army aviation, support to post World War Two conflicts including the Malayan Confrontation, Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Visitors can also climb into the venerable Caribou Battlefield airlifter.

The Aviation Heritage Centre is open tomorrow and then on the third Sunday of each month, 9am-3pm.