BIG WINS: Rebecca McGrath and Val Weier of newsXpress Laidley.
BIG WINS: Rebecca McGrath and Val Weier of newsXpress Laidley. Lachlan McIvor

Secret to winning the next $1million lotto

IN THE past few weeks, Lockyer Valley residents have claimed two big lottery wins.

And if good things really do come in threes, then another win could very well be on the cards.

On Saturday, a man who bought a ticket from Gatton's NewsXpress found himself nearly $500,000 richer after winning a Division One in the Saturday Gold Lotto.

A week earlier, a retired Lockyer Valley couple claimed $1 million after buying a ticket from NewsXpress in Laidley.

Laidley NewsXpress co-owner Rebecca McGrath said, following the win, sales at the store not only increased but the allure of the lottery had seemingly spread beyond the usual crowd of customers.

"We saw new faces coming through the door, which was great to see and to have a second win within the region two weeks in a row was just fantastic,” she said.

"Hopefully the luck continues.”

She said an obvious tip was to be able to win it, you had to be in it.

Ms McGrath said the best way to increase the likelihood of winning was to buy into a syndicate.

"You're basically buying a share in a large ticket which increases your chances of winning but you have to share those winnings with others,” she said.

She said her store organised syndicates to accommodate up to 10 people.

"We don't ever do more than 10 shares so if there is $10 million up for grabs, it's $1 million each,” she said.