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Secret recording throws doubt on Clive Palmer claims

A PHONE conversation recording has contradicted claims by Clive Palmer that the Palmer United Party was not involved in  attempts to convince LNP Queensland MPs to jump ship.

Gold Coast MP Michael Hart used parliamentary privilege to release the phone recording between him and PUP supporter Jim MacAnally.

Mr Palmer had claimed that no-one from PUP approached the MP and that he did not use emissaries to do his political dirty work.

In the phone call, Mr MacAnally says once PUP has the balance of power in the Senate, it planned to convene a public inquiry into the activities of Queensland MPs which would produce revelations about sitting LNP members.

"We are going to run a senate inquiry into the state government of Queensland to find out where various things, why things are happening,'' he said.

"It is going to be a public Senate inquiry and a lot of information is going to come out on that about various state members in the Queensland parliament.''

Mr Hart is told that the PUP needed just one more State MP to become the official opposition in Queensland.

"So what would I have to offer you for you to come over and join the Palmer United?" Mr MacAnally asks.

Mr Hart, who recorded the conversation on speakerphone, is heard to respond bluntly that he is not interested and is LNP 'through and through'.

In Parliament, Mr Hart described the offer as an "open-ended inducement", saying he would seek to have it referred to the Ethics Committee.

Mr Palmer maintained he had no interest in Mr Hart.

''I had no personal knowledge of it at the time, but looking at the transcript, there was nothing like that.  The police dismissed it in two and a half seconds."