Jesse and Scott face off.
Jesse and Scott face off.

Scott Cam snaps: ‘I’m not paying, mate’

Tensions explode during Monday night's episode of The Block when this season's most controversial contestant turns on the show's own builders - then butts heads with Scott Cam himself.

The drama starts when real estate agent Jesse realises rather late in the game that he and his team have been attaching boards on their balcony at a mismatched angle:

Little boards, big problem.
Little boards, big problem. Channel 9


GMac, one of Keith and Dan's builders, delivers the news to Jesse that they'll need to start again, but Jesse in turn accuses The Block's builders of supplying the wrong measurements.

"It's your mistake for not checking it before you started, to get ahead of everyone else by slamming the boards up … it's not correct," says GMac.

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GMac orders that they pull down the faulty work and start again - and Jesse orders that GMac and the builders for The Block do it instead.

"I know you go home at 6 o'clock, but I stay up painting and getting everything finished," Jesse snaps.

"Hang on - who chose to be a contestant?" asks GMac. "I didn't. I just chose to come to work."

Jesse wants anyone but him to pay for the mistake.
Jesse wants anyone but him to pay for the mistake.

After the argument, Jesse still insists it wasn't his mistake, and he shouldn't have to pay for the repairs. Even his partner Mel agrees: "They stuffed up majorly and we have to pay for it? We're not paying for their f**k-up."

Later in the episode, with Jesse still repeating his demand that The Block pay up for what he sees as their mistake, Scott Cam drops by to try and reason with him. An increasingly exasperated Cam loses his cool when Jesse won't stop answering back: "Stop. I said stop. STOP! I haven't even finished. Will you let me speak?"


Jesse and Scott face off.
Jesse and Scott face off.

"I'm listening," says Jesse with a smirk.

"No you're not!"

Jesse argues that he shouldn't be expected to pay for other builder's mistakes, and that Cam instead should pay for the repairs.

"You've got to be joking me. Are you kidding me? As if I'm gonna pay your bill - I'm not paying NOTHING, mate. You get the job done, and get it done right," Cam says, storming off.

Tensions don't appear to have eased in a preview for the next episode, as foreman Keith and Dan declare they're "sick of Jesse's attitude".


Scott Cam ain’t payin’ nothin’.
Scott Cam ain’t payin’ nothin’.

The Block continues 7:30pm Tuesday on Nine