Scott Cam snaps: ‘Finish the bloody house’


Tempers are fraying on The Block after 13 long weeks of gruelling renovations - and not just among the contestants.

Block host Scott Cam had a tense showdown with perennial underdogs Tess and Luke during Tuesday's episode when the pair tried to complain that rival team Mitch and Mark's sudden budget woes were somehow unfair to them.

Cam's blunt message? "Finish the bloody house."

Earlier this week, frontrunners Mitch and Mark were stunned to discover that, due to some unexpectedly large bills, they'd burned through all their remaining money and were almost $10,000 in the red.

Since then, the pair have been scrambling to figure out how to finish - much to the delight of several other teams.

Cam dropped by Tess and Luke's house in Tuesday's episode, a familiar scene during this series as he'd deliver the couple frequent budget lectures.


Tess still thinks the situation's unfair.
Tess still thinks the situation's unfair.


Cam wrangles with Tess and Luke.
Cam wrangles with Tess and Luke.

This time, they wanted to give him the grilling.

The Cairns couple wanted to know why Mitch and Mark had been allowed to get themselves several thousand dollars into debt before trades had to be pulled, while they'd been forced to send their teams packing before their money had even run out.

To them, it's a double standard - one that meant Mitch and Mark essentially squeezed more out of their limited budget. "How's that fair on everyone else?" asked Luke.

Cam assured the duo that Mitch and Mark weren't receiving special treatment as they would have to sell items they bought for their home just to recoup the money they owed.

Tess was unconvinced.


Tess and Luke think Mitch and Mark have had special treatment.
Tess and Luke think Mitch and Mark have had special treatment.

"They've been able to do all these amazing things like put speakers in the ceilings whereas we've reeled it in big time. If we weren't keeping track of our invoices, we could've won other rooms too," she argued.
Cam informed the couple Mitch and Mark's issues were relatively recent: "They weren't going into the red four weeks ago when you guys were. And you're now in a better position than them. At the end of the day, we did you a favour," he tells them.

It fell on deaf ears - and when Luke complained that he and Tess were still unable to finish their home, Cam lost patience.

"Mate, you're a carpenter; come on. Don't put that on me. Finish the bloody house! Don't talk to me about carpentry when you're a carpenter. Please!" he said, storming out of the house.

"I'm only one … I need another three, Scotty. Can I go into the red?" quipped Luke.


Mark's blaming himself for the budget blowout.
Mark's blaming himself for the budget blowout.

Later in the episode, Mark seemed to be doing it tough over his and Mitch's budget mismanagement. He'd been going through the difficult process of negotiating big reductions on his trades' invoices, and it was taking a toll.

"I feel like I've dropped the ball on my job, and that's put us in a position where we probably won't be able to finish. Feels like I've let people down," he told the cameras, tears welling. "I feel pretty bad about it."


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