SHAMELESS: Scott Morrison (ScoMo) calling out other religious leaders for failure to act reeks of hypocrisy.
SHAMELESS: Scott Morrison (ScoMo) calling out other religious leaders for failure to act reeks of hypocrisy. LUKAS COCH

ScoMo's Muslim leader attack reeks of hypocrisy


OUR current Prime Minister, the 'nightwatchman' as some satirists have dubbed him, has not ceased to amaze since his Steven Bradbury-esque elevation to our highest office.

In less than three months he's landed more backflips than most gymnasts could even dream of.

The latest, a backdown on plans to halve funding to Foodbank, a charity which feeds more than four million Aussies, many in drought-ravaged regional areas.

Amidst a storm of public outcry easily foreseen with such a pointless policy, Mr Morrison instead vowed to increase the food relief budget by $1.5 million.

No doubt being a believer in a book which tells its followers one man fed thousands with just seven loaves of bread and a couple of fish has left Mr Morrison with a few challenges when it comes to calculating portions.

In a time where religion appears to be the cause of more harm than good I'd say ScoMo is hardly a good advertisement for faith.

The former Immigration Minister who claimed he had fallen to his knees in tears over the plight of children marooned on Nauru and resorted to prayer, failed to use his powers to end their suffering with the stroke of a pen.

Was he waiting for God to come and get those kids off the island himself?

And now, after weeks of stuffing himself full of strawberries in a thinly-veiled series of campaign ads by the former national tourism boss, he has the audacity to call out one group of religious leaders for failing to help stop terrorism.

The hypocrisy was astounding, when ScoMo declared Muslim leaders needed to do more, in the wake of the Bourke St terror attacks.

"If there are people in a religio

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us community, an Islamic community, that are bringing in hateful, violent, extremist ideologies into your community, you've got to call it out," Mr Morrison said this week.

"I'm a member of a religious community, and my pastor knows what's going on in our church community.

"He would know if there was someone, or his wife would know if there was someone leading a local Bible study group or something like that who was teaching things that were not in accordance with what our faith believed. They'd be pointing that out and they'd be dealing with it."

Sorry ScoMo, something isn't quite adding up here.

The founder of your beloved Hillsong Church, Brian Houston, failed to report to police allegations his father, preacher Frank Houston, sexually assaulted children.

That moral high ground you're spouting from looks a little unstable.

It's this selective righteousness, rules that apply to only some, that gives religion such a bad name.

For the record, extremism in this country has flourished under Coalition governments which have held power for 16 of the past 22 years.

Stop the bluster and desperate advertising campaign, start looking inwards and do your job.