ScoMo's attacks on Labor are landing like wet spaghetti

IT TAKES a fair ticker to put your hand up for public office under any circumstances.

Particular kudos should be given to Russell Bauer, the Coalition's newest candidate in Oxley.

The standing of politicians has taken another deserved hit in the past six months, thanks largely to this government's dysfunction.

Mr Bauer has acknowledged this but will do his best to stand independent of the shambolic leadership of the Liberal and National Party.

It is still early days, but he seems an honest and hard-working person standing to make a difference.

Unfortunately for him, when Australians head to the polls the prospective prime minister is front-and-centre of their minds.

The Coalition has faced one calamity after another since Malcolm Turnbull left the lodge in August.

Ipswich residents have been unmoved by Scott Morrison's attacks on Labor; which are now as effective as wet spaghetti.

I'd rather skipper the Titanic than stand for the Liberal Party at the May poll.

Only an unprecedented political disaster for Labor will stop Bill Shorten from becoming Prime Minister.

As the SS Coalition heads off the cliff, credit must be given to candidates buying a ticket.