CANDIDATE: Steven Wood.
CANDIDATE: Steven Wood.

Scientist challenges Deputy Mayor on environmental issues

SCIENTIST Steven Wood will take on Deputy Mayor Victor Attwood for Division 3 at the March council elections to take a stance on environmental issues.

An expert in water quality and supply, he is managing director of a consultancy and previously worked at the council for almost 20 years.

Mr Wood said he understood the challenges faced by Ipswich City Council staff.

"I understand how trying it can be - not being listened to or consulted from above is frustrating," he said.

"I've lived in Ipswich my entire life. I've seen many changes in the area; some have been good, however, a number of them have had negative impacts on our water supply, our creeks and river systems, the environment and small business. Toxic dumps, the chemicals of which are pouring into creeks and the Bremer and Brisbane rivers, allowing CSG mines in and around Ipswich that are most likely leaking out of old pipes into our drinking water, the mowing down of thousands of trees and lining our rivers with high impact industrial development, is the result of perhaps well-intentioned, though nonetheless, uneducated, ill-informed, inferior decision making."

Mr Wood also wants to reverse the council's decision to switch to paid parking in the Ipswich City Square and better public transport to the CBD to help revitalise the CBD. "In the long term, I'd like to see free community buses running in and around the CBD and in from the suburbs," he said.