Scientific knowledge lacking in younger generation

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sometimes I wonder at the science knowledge and teaching of science to even our youngest echelon of society.

In CM (06/08/20), we read of the Lebanon Horror on page 12 under "Explosion 'akin' to Hiroshima."

Yes, it is definitely a national catastrophe, but to equate it with Hiroshima forgets the fact that the radiation impact of Hiroshima and Nagasaki magnified exponentially the ongoing human effects in Japan.

And then to read on page 14, supported by happy smiling 8 and 5-year-old girls, the study of supposed climate change is not studied through science experiments but merely through designing protest T-shirts.

Little Greta Thunbergs here we come.

And then do not forget about the aims of Refugee Advocates to stop all traffic on the Story Bridge.

That will really help our stopping the second wave of coronavirus, won't it?

There really is nothing like the intelligence of our modern progressive intellect, is there?

Glenda Carroll, Bundamba