Faith Lutheran College has submitted a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation proposal to expand its Plainland school.
Faith Lutheran College has submitted a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation proposal to expand its Plainland school.

School’s expansion plan includes primary school facilities

A PRIVATE school in the heart of the Lockyer Valley’s booming growth area has submitted plans to the state government to expand and build new facilities to welcome primary school students for the first time.

Faith Lutheran College has submitted a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation proposal for its Plainland school, which includes a new sporting precinct with a dressage field and arena and show jumping field.

The secondary school was established in 1999 and moved to its 28 hectare site in 2000.

Faith’s proposed sport and recreation precinct.
Faith’s proposed sport and recreation precinct.

Faith has grown substantially since then with development in the area ramping up around it in recent years.

Houses in residential estates are popping up by the day, the popular Porters Plainland Hotel completed an $8 million redevelopment in 2019, a new service station and McDonald’s have been built, a new Bunnings Warehouse store will open soon and construction on an Aldi supermarket has started.

New Catholic high school Sophia College, located across the Warrego Highway from Faith, welcomed its first students this year.

Faith’s proposed expansion includes a new primary school precinct to the east of the current campus and a new primary resource centre adjoining the existing secondary school library.

Six classrooms and a central play space for Prep and Year 1, six classrooms and a flexi-learning space and play spaces for Years 2 and 3 and six classrooms for Years 4, 5 and 6 are all proposed.

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It is also proposed to upgrade the access road to the campus by sealing the western section joining Cemetery Road, add a new bus entry point from Cemetery Road and add new access roads from the northern and southern sections of the site.

Plans also include two new central car parks and new car parks in the east, west, south east and south of the campus.

“Buildings will not exceed three-storeys (15m) and architectural elements (eg church spire) will not exceed 20m,” the application notes.

“The precinct will be adjoined by the new access road to the east and a wide covered pedestrian path to the west.”

It is also proposed to extend the main secondary campus with a new administration building and a new outdoor play space.

A covered walkway will connect it to the proposed primary school precinct.

A sport and recreation precinct in the southern part of the site is also planned.

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Plans include five new playing courts, a 2800 sqm covered dressage field and arena, a 500 sqm show jumping field, a soccer field and storage and change room facilities.

“It is anticipated that the above developments will take place over a five-year period or longer,” the application notes.

“The school currently accommodates 690 students and 135 staff.

“The expansions (until 2031) seek to accommodate 900 students and 180 staff members.

“Long term growth (post 2031) of the school seeks to grow to around 1500 students, which will be subject to demand and funding.”

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