SCHOOL WARNING: Pay attention or risk big fines for speed

DRIVERS are being reminded to ease up on the accelerator, as thousands of students head back to class today.

What was a 60km/h zone yesterday will be a 40km/zone today and the difference can mean hefty fines, loss of licence points or serious injury or death for our children.

Officers from the Warwick's Road Policing Unit will be out in force and Senior Constable Matt Hagely said drivers should be mindful.

"During the first week back there will be a big police presence at schools. It will be a big focus for us," he said.

"Generally in Warwick the citizens are very good, and very mindful of those school zones but you do get the occasional person who is not paying attention."

While speed in an obvious danger, the chaos of the school pick-up can bring out the worst in people.

"We want to alert motorists to be aware of the school zones and be mindful of where they park their vehicle, Sen-Constable Hagely said.

"This can case all sorts of traffic congestion and a lot of frustration."