SCHOOL NEWS: New student wins hearts

MOUNT Marrow State School has a new student with four legs.

Milly, a 12 week old puppy has joined the students as a school support dog and is currently undertaking basic obedience training. Over the next two years Milly will undergo specific training for her role as a support dog.

Meet Milly, Mt. Marrow State School's newest student
Meet Milly, Mt. Marrow State School's newest student

The rationale for having a support animal at school is supported by numerous research studies. Support dogs have proven to enhance children's psychological development, improve social skills, and increase self-esteem. They can teach responsibility, compassion and respect for other living things and in the classroom they can calm fears, lift mood, and relieve anxiety.

Milly is from Lucky Paws Dog Rescue and was part of a Last Litter Program where parents and the pups are all desexed to end the cycle of unwanted dogs. Lucky Paws Dog Rescue is a registered not-for-profit dog rescue and is run by a small group of volunteers working together to help save abandoned, neglected and homeless animals.

Milly has been warmly welcomed by the Mount Marrow community and has already been the inspiration for many classroom activities including a poem produced by the Year 2-4 class for their poetry unit.

The New Enrolment

We've got a new enrolment

It's not a usual one

She's hairy and four-legged

Call Milly and she'll run


We've got a new pupil

I doubt she'll make the grade

She's a canine and so cute

But top marks will not be made


This dog is not a dull one

And at times is really silly

She's after real affection

This dog we'll call her Milly


Now Milly likes to run and jump

And I'm sure she'd like a cuddle

But don't squeeze or get too rough

Or she may just make a puddle


So let's hope this Mt Marrow pup

Will be with us forever

And she will help us do our stuff

Much affection we will give her