Dux of St Peters Lutheran College, Christopher Wise.
Dux of St Peters Lutheran College, Christopher Wise. Cordell Richardson

School dux prepares for defence career

WITH a last name like his it's no wonder Christopher Wise has taken out the St Peter's Lutheran College school dux award.

"It's great news,” Christopher said.

"It's always nice to be recognised at the end of the year.”

The Springfield student took home the award during Thursday night's ceremony.

This year he studied Maths C and B, Physics, English, PE and IPT.

"I put in a lot of hours every day and the weekend.

"I'm a very determined person intrinsic and extrinsic and I'm very self motivated.”

Christopher said he planned on studying cyber security at ADFA next year, and that's where all his maths skills would be put to good use.

While he only needs an OP 8 to get into the course there was a long application process.

Originally Christopher thought he would keep studying maths but over the past two years he seriously looked at what the defence force was offering.

"I like to exercise, I like the structure.”

Christopher said he studied a lot to achieve the school dux award, all the while working part time at Schnitz at Orion Springfield Central.

He said it was liking his subjects, hard work and talent that got him over the line.

In his spare time he rocks out as a percussionist.

His parents were excited about the award.

Christopher said his mum was a special education teacher and his dad was an enterprise architect - they inspired him and always encouraged a good work ethic.

"They inspire me to do my best. I always want to put in 100 per cent.

"Work hard, have fun and like what you're doing.”