School commitments take edge off young Brothers

IF Brothers under-18s aren't winning by 50 points-plus, it seems they aren't winning at all.

The Brethren have racked up wins of 50-6, 60-0, 60-14, 52-12 and last weekend's 80-10 defeat of Springfield, to go with a draw and a loss from their other two games.

But there is good reason for it, according to coach Tyron Day.

"School footy is killing me," he said.

Injuries and school commitments have seen his original squad of 35 reduced to the bare 13 last weekend.

They got away with it in part because Springfield only had 11 players.

But against West End (18-all) and Norths (6-22) in the two games before it, they were not so fortunate.

Brothers have the bye this weekend and Day is counting down the weeks until he will have something approaching a full squad available.

At the moment they are having to do without the likes of Jake Turpin, Andrew Tully, Harley Fox, Jake Redman, Jacob Lindsey and Marion Seve, amongst others.

"We'll get through the next few weeks and see how we go," Day said.

Day's squad is only young, with most likely to be available again next year, with fewer school commitments to interfere.

But that doesn't mean the coach will treat 2013 as a training run.

"Last year they won the 16-years grand final so there is no excuse," Day said.

"You don't coach footy just to make up the numbers. If we can get everyone on the paddock, we will be a chance. We want to be playing finals but you can only play with what you've got.

"They guys we have got playing now have got their chance."

Day rates Norths the best his team has played so far but Brothers have yet to meet the top two placed teams Redbank Plains and Swifts.