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Scary Spice's girl teaches sister to swear

MEL B's six-year-old daughter has been teaching her younger sister to swear.

The former Spice Girls singer and her husband Stephen Belafonte raise four girls - her children Phoenix, 14, and Angel, six, his daughter Giselle, nine, and their only child together Madison, two - and while she is relieved her teenager isn't yet causing her any trouble, she admits Angel, whose father is Eddie Murphy, can be naughty.

Asked if Phoenix causes problems, she said: "Luckily she's a tomboy and likes to play basketball so I'm like 'Stay a tomboy as long as possible'. My six year old [is the most mischievous], I heard her teaching the two year old some really bad words. One of them sounds like vacuum, you know 'Oh vac-uum'."

The 'America's Got Talent' judge tries to take her family with her whenever she travels for work but is grateful that technology means she can check up on the kids even when she is apart from them.

She said: "We live in LA so they have a long summer period off school and that's when I was shooting 'America's Got Talent', they'd fly with me on the jet to New York then we'd fly back.

"But thank god for technology, thank god for Skype, I can call in on them, on their teachers, on the person that's looking after them and make sure they do their homework, tidy their rooms and that they're in bed on time."