A man who beat a pregnant Humpty Doo woman in her bed last year has been jailed for five years.
A man who beat a pregnant Humpty Doo woman in her bed last year has been jailed for five years.

‘Savage’ attack on pregnant woman

A DAILY meth user who snuck into a pregnant Humpty Doo woman's bedroom while she slept and beat her in a "brutal" and "savage" attack last year has been jailed for five years.

Stuart Hansen, 42, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court to unlawful entry and assault after the "cowardly" bashing in October last year.

The court heard the woman was asleep in bed when Hansen snuck into her room at about 1am on October 10, using his mobile phone as a torch and asked for a lift to Palmerston.

Justice Stephen Southwood said the light woke the woman and she recognised the offender but "did not recall his name" and said "What the f***? You can't just come in here".

When she asked Hansen to leave he replied: "If I get into any trouble from this, I will come back and kill you".

Hansen left and the woman called her ex-partner and asked him to come over before returning to bed.

But before the woman's ex could arrive, Hansen climbed back into her room through the window and jumped onto the bed on top of her, trying to pin her down and punching her in the face.

They rolled onto the floor in the struggle where Hansen punched her "many times to her head and face with both his fists".

Justice Southwood said the woman's mother, who also lived in the unit, was woken by the commotion and came into her room to find her daughter still being assaulted.

"(The woman) was lying face down on the floor and the offender was standing over her, holding a fist full of her hair and punching her in the back of the head and neck," he said.

"Also he was forcefully hitting her head into the ground multiple times before punching her again."

Hansen also punched the woman's mother when she rushed to intervene before fleeing the room saying "F***, f***, f***, I'm getting out of here".

As a result of the attack, Justice Southwood said the woman's face was "covered in blood", her eyes were "almost swollen shut" and she was bleeding from between her legs causing her to worry about the health of her unborn baby.

"Fortunately, an ultrasound confirmed the unborn child was not harmed," he said.

In setting a non-parole period of two years and six months, Justice Southwood noted Hansen was in breach of a suspended sentence when he committed the crimes.

"The attack upon her was a brutal, savage, sustained and cowardly," he said.

"It is most fortunate she was not even more seriously injured. She was three months pregnant and in a very vulnerable position at the time."