Satellite station gets multi-million dollar upgrade

TOWNSVILLE'S Global Navigation Satellite System station will undergo upgrades as part of a $64m revamp of the national network.

The federal government is funding the upgrade of 30 GNNS stations, or global positioning systems, and will build four new stations in Queensland.

Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack said the station at the Australian Institute of Marine Science would be one of the first cabs off the rank.

"The work our government is funding will improve positioning accuracy in Australia from around 5-10 metres to just 3-5 centimetres in areas with mobile phone coverage and … bring benefits to all Australians," he said. "These benefits include industries in regional areas like agriculture, resources and construction, which are increasingly using the technology as part of their operations."

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack. Picture: Kevin Farmer
Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack. Picture: Kevin Farmer

Northern Australia Minister Keith Pitt said the work was part of a $225m investment to establish world-class satellite positioning capability in Australia.

Mr Pitt said the federal government would partner with state governments and private providers to expand the network and fill gaps in coverage, improving performance and accessibility. "These existing and proposed stations are spaced evenly throughout the state and add another piece to the puzzle to improve precise positioning infrastructure into the future," he said.

Herbert MP Phillip Thompson said upgrades would help businesses thrive in the region.

The state's sites are managed jointly by Geoscience Australia and the Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

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